Thursday, January 25, 2007

A new venture

Playing with food (no, not that way... get your minds out of the gutter!) has been a hobby of mine for years.

It frustrates my husband to no end that I won't write a recipe down! To me, every recipe is a work in progress, and why write it down if I'm going to just be modifying it next time? To him, I can't possibly reproduce THIS version of it when I won't write down what I did!

But lately with my new style of eating, I have been coming up with some new combinations that may be worth documenting... perhaps even sharing. I have also found recipes on the internet that are too good to keep to myself. And I know that others of you out there love a good recipe as much as I do! Some may be more healthy... some less healthy... but all are equally welcome here.

So if you're a recipe lover, just email me (my address is on my profile) and you'll be sent an invite to join this blog so you can share YOUR favorites too! And when you post... be sure to add any details or history about the recipe, and link to all applicable recipe categories in the labels (think cookbook chapters and/or index categories), so this can develop into a searchable cookbook with personality.

Happy eating!

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