Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lowfat Ranch Vegetable Dip

This is a concoction I came up with a number of years ago. I needed to make veggie dip, and when I got out the package of ranch dip mix, I realized that I didn't have any sour cream on hand. So I decided to substitute.

Sometimes substitutes are better. This is not only healthier, it is also tastier. I never went back to sour cream!

Lowfat Ranch Veggie Dip

Put 1 C lowfat or fat free cottage cheese into blender. Blend until smooth, adding just enough skim milk to be able to blend it.

Once it is smooth, add 1/2 pkg ranch dip mix, and blend until thoroughly mixed. Refrigerate. Dip will thicken slighly after blending.

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SignGurl said...

That sounds so good, Lara. I love that it's less fattening!