Thursday, February 8, 2007

Salmon Soup

Just for you, Balloon Pirate!

Empty one can of salmon into large saucepan. Break it apart, then fill pan with water. (I usually use a 3 quart saucepan... just use whatever size you need and add enough water to serve the number of people you are feeding). Add about 1 tsp salt, some black pepper (fresh ground is best), and 2 to 4 T of butter or margarine. Cook until hot. Break LOTS of saltine crackers into the bowl of soup, let them soften & expand, then enjoy.

One can of salmon makes enough soup for 5-10 people.

And as I tell my kids... yes, you DO eat the bones in it. They're good for you. If they make it into your bowl, they are yours. So eat them. NOW.

If you're cheap like my parents, you can substitute a can of mackerel instead of salmon. No it's not nearly as good. But it is cheaper. Or you can save the mackerel for that fluffy mackerel recipe instead. Your choice.


SignGurl said...

I've never heard of this. I'll have to try it but I have to admit that I always take the bones out. They gross me out.

Lara said...

Signgurl, for your high protein diet, you could just make it with less water (or two cans of salmon) so you get more of the fish. I do that, and use whole wheat saltines so it'll fit into my current diet plan.

The bones gross out my kids too. LOL

Balloon Pirate said...

You're right...this IS simple. I think I'm going to try it soon.

I will retaliate with one of my simplest recipes tomorrow.