Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Chopped Liver Extraordinaire

Gehackte Leber á ma façon, if we are going to be all foreign and fancy-schmancy: This is a home version of my commercial recipe which I am sharing with you lucky readers. It is so simple that my husband gets rave reviews when he makes it.

This recipe has not only an amazing amount of protein - 1 cup gives about 27 g of protein - it is a great source of Vitamin A and some of the Bs.

1 lb kosher chicken livers, ideally pre-broiled. If you aren't Jewish and/or don't care about kashrus, just use regular chicken livers
3-4 tblsp rendered chicken fat (schmaltz), or other fat
3-4 hard boiled eggs
1-2 finely chopped (do it in the food processor) onion
Kosher salt - to taste. Use less if you use kosher livers which are already salted.
Freshly ground black pepper
Tarragon, fresh or dry (both work, but have different flavors), to taste. Start small.
A little whiskey or brandy - a shot maybe. For the livers, not for you!

Fry the onion - or half of the onion, if you like more texture - in the fat until clear. Add tarragon. Sauté quickly. Add livers and whiskey and fry only until no longer pink. The alcohol will evaporate. If you overdo this part, the livers become hard and icky. Put half of the livers, half of the onion and 2 eggs in a food processor and grind to desired consistency - depending on if you want more of a smooth or chunky quality. Repeat with second half of livers, onions and eggs. Let cool and meld before eating. Store cold. Enjoy with a small spoon. You can eat it on cucumber or (more hard core) sweet onion slices, pickles or red pepper sticks to avoid additional carbs from crackers, if you are low-carbing it.

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wow. i think i gained a pound just reading this.